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When people find out that we do personal property appraisals, their first assumption is that they are always for dividing up an estate. And while this is indeed the majority of our business, the last two appraisals we have done actually have been for tax purposes. The families were wanting to donate items to local organizations and needed a certified appraisal of the items. They now are able to claim the appraised value on their 2020 income taxes. Perhaps you are downsizing, or maybe you have accumulated too much “stuff” over the years, or maybe there was a death in the family and you are wanting to forgo an estate sale and simply donate it all. Please reach out to us, and we would be happy to come and appraise what you have. You will then have a certified and itemized list of the value of the items you have donated. You receive the tax write-off, and the organization of your choice is blessed. It’s a win-win situation! 

Scott Terry, USPSP Certified