Gold and Silver Prices – November 5, 2020


Gold and Silver Prices for November 5, 2020 Time to buy! ... "The reduction in interest rates worldwide, high global risk, geopolitics and trade tensions have investors looking to hedge their portfolios in case there is price volatility in the stock market or pullbacks, and gold is one of the assets investors have used to [...]

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National Nut Day!


Today, October 22nd, is National Nut Day! Vintage Planters Peanuts items are a hot commodity - check out this guy.   He's an 8.5" bank that just sold for $2400 on eBay! When you are out thrifting or estate/garage saling, keep your eyes open for treasures like these. Have your phone handy to look up [...]

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Sell This on eBay Beginning…Now!


  Do you have vintage Christmas ornaments, lights, decorations, vinyl records, or other holiday items sitting in your attic that you no longer want? Pull them down, dust them off, set up for a photo shoot, and list them on eBay NOW! October and November typically see the highest prices paid for these collectibles. Let [...]

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What’s It Worth? Extra Coverage May Be Needed…


Do you collect: fine artwork sculptures jewelry coins vintage toys cars or any other highly valued collectibles? Proper insurance coverage is necessary for a number of reasons. General policies cover "household items" which often exclude highly-valued pieces and collections. In order for your policy to adequately cover loss or damage to your treasured collections, an [...]

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