Unknown - What's It Worth? Extra Coverage May Be Needed...

Do you collect:

  • fine artwork

  • sculptures

  • jewelry

  • coins

  • vintage toys

  • cars

  • or any other highly valued collectibles?

Proper insurance coverage is necessary for a number of reasons. General policies cover “household items” which often exclude highly-valued pieces and collections. In order for your policy to adequately cover loss or damage to your treasured collections, an itemized and detailed appraisal is needed. This allows you, as the homeowner, to know whether your coverage sufficiently meets your needs or it may also help you realize that you need an umbrella policy. Whatever your coverage needs are, these collections need to be well-documented with what they exactly are and their value in the current market.

If this pertains to you and your treasures, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to arrange a time to come by and appraise all or selected items at your home.