Charity (as Dec. 31st Quickly Approaches)


When people find out that we do personal property appraisals, their first assumption is that they are always for dividing up an estate. And while this is indeed the majority of our business, the last two appraisals we have done actually have been for tax purposes. The families were wanting to donate items to local [...]

Charity (as Dec. 31st Quickly Approaches)2020-12-10T13:24:17-05:00

Appraisals Equal Assurance


In a recent post from Antique Trader, April Lanford addressed the recent wildfires in California and the need for a personal propter appraisal in light of natural disasters. She wrote, "Maintain an updated collection inventory and have a digital copy available to share. If needed, a digital copy makes it easy to share pertinent information [...]

Appraisals Equal Assurance2020-12-01T13:05:41-05:00

What’s It Worth? Extra Coverage May Be Needed…


Do you collect: fine artwork sculptures jewelry coins vintage toys cars or any other highly valued collectibles? Proper insurance coverage is necessary for a number of reasons. General policies cover "household items" which often exclude highly-valued pieces and collections. In order for your policy to adequately cover loss or damage to your treasured collections, an [...]

What’s It Worth? Extra Coverage May Be Needed…2020-10-05T14:54:50-04:00

Top Spots to Sell Your “Stuff”


  Comment below and share your favorite apps/websites/stores where you like to sell your things. Do you want a correct valuation for items such as art, jewelry (real and costume), vintage items and antiques, and the like? We will be happy to arrange a time with you to make sure you get the true price [...]

Top Spots to Sell Your “Stuff”2020-09-22T09:12:25-04:00

1 of Our Local, Trusted Partnerships


If you are in need of an estate planning or trust administration attorney, we highly recommend J. Scott Lanford in Suntree. We have worked closely with him and his staff, and we know that you will find yourself in trusted and experienced hands. We are grateful to partner with local businesses to support families in [...]

1 of Our Local, Trusted Partnerships2020-09-14T10:47:26-04:00

Space Coast Treasures


While each generation has specific themes and items they collect, one area of interest they all have in common is space memorabilia. With the recent 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, all age groups have been seeking out NASA and other space-related collectibles. What a privilege we have along the Space Coast to be actively [...]

Space Coast Treasures2020-09-10T14:07:17-04:00

Sell Your Entire Junk Drawer?


So evidently your junk drawer could be someone else's treasure. People on eBay are selling "Mystery Junk Drawer" boxes! Yep, you bid, win the auction, and the box is delivered to your door. And HOPEFULLY it is brings you some collectible trinkets like coins, misplaced jewelry, rolled up bills, and the like. Craziness! Go [...]

Sell Your Entire Junk Drawer?2020-09-02T19:11:06-04:00

Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance With An Appraisal


  Check your homeowner's insurance policy. There may be a line item that you are overpaying for! The coverage for your personal property is likely TOO high. To ensure that you are not overpaying, an appraisal of your personal property (deemed by insurance companies as anything you must pack when you sell and move) is warranted. [...]

Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance With An Appraisal2020-09-02T07:32:05-04:00